Ground Rules

First and foremost—Animal safety and comfort: Your animal must be safe, secure and comfortable. Its health and welfare are GRADLYN’s focus of attention. Our first order of business is providing animal owners plentiful advice.


GRΛDLYN operates primarily in the following areas: the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific. This why GRADLYN relies on a well-trained, multi-lingual team of colleagues. Note: GRADLYN is a certified training organization. GRΛDLYN’s customer base includes private business, government agencies including the diplomatic service, police and military organizations, animal breeders, associations and private individuals.

Business communication

Jens Helldobler
Phone: +49 (69) - 69 71 254 -52

Kay Wissenbach Kay Wissenbach

Unternehmer und gelernter Speditionskaufmann, Auslandseinsätze im EU und US-amerikanischen Animal-Logistik-Markt.

Vorstand IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) 2011- 2014

Faruk Berberovic Faruk Berberovic

Vorstand ATA (Animal Transport Association) 

Frühere Geschäftsführer

David Crum
Jo Wanner
Rolf Schmidt

GRADLYN’s historic roots in the pet-and-zoo animal transportation industry go back to the days of Gradlyn Kennels – “GK.” GK came into being because of the need for US military personnel to ship their pets to duty stations worldwide utilizing the US Air Force Rhein-Main airbase adjacent to Frankfurt International Airport beginning in 1968. Even back then military family pets were considered part of a military family’s household and were not to be left behind, although personnel were frequently re-assigned. From those infrequent initial shipments during those early days, there evolved a real boom in pet shipments which has continued to this day. As such, GK was the start-up company from which GRADLYN evolved as a result of which GRADLYN became one of the most important international companies in the animal transportation field in the world today.